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About Us

Our Story

At Remnant Real Estate, we turn real estate transactions into personal connections. We began with a simple vision: to streamline the property selling process for homeowners across New Mexico and neighboring states.

Rooted in New Mexico, at Remnant Real Estate, we believe in doing business with integrity, transparency, and a client-focused mindset. Our approach is rooted in understanding the unique needs of each homeowner and providing tailored solutions. Whether it's offering a fair cash deal, crafting seller financing terms, or taking over existing mortgages, we're here for you.

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Explore Our Tailored Real Estate Services

Our suite of services is designed to offer you personalized real estate solutions with speed and precision. Whether you need to sell your home swiftly for cash, seek innovative financing options, or wish to transfer property while retaining existing financing, we have a streamlined process to meet your needs. Discover how our specialized services can bring you peace of mind and a smooth transaction.

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Quick Cash Sales

Sell your property fast and hassle-free with our Quick Cash Sales service. We provide fair cash offers with a swift closing timeline, ensuring you can move on from your property without the delays of traditional selling.


Flexible Seller Financing

Maximize your sale potential with our Flexible Seller Financing options. We create tailored payment plans that suit your financial needs, enabling a customized and secure transaction without the need for traditional bank financing.


Subject-To Debt

Our Subject-To Expertise allows you to sell your property without paying off the existing mortgage. We take over the payments, offering you an innovative solution to sell your home quickly and with minimal complexity.

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Benefits of Selling to an Investor

Speed of Sale, As-Is Purchase, No Commissions or Hidden Fees, Flexible Payment Options, Personalized Solutions, Stress-Free Process

When you choose to sell to an investor, you're opting for a path that prioritizes your convenience, time, and financial goals. Let us provide you with a no-obligation offer and show you the difference in working with a dedicated investor.

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